I want to try and actively be happier for other people

I find it’s really hard to be genuinely happy for other people without tearing them apart.

Especially while watching the oscars.


Congratulations Anne Hathaway.

is it just me or are the oscars extra…oscar-y tonight?

there are mean slights and quips that are nippy and naughty

and everyone is looking at each other knowing that obviously les mis is going to win everything.

obviously les mis is going to win everything.

even though it didn’t deserve it



(django unchained is a good movie)

people are rude rude rude

and thin thin thin

and tired looking

do they all have sex with themselves

and breed each other

little mirrors to be looked at

and check your hair in

but back to the point this show is really weird

this show of awarding.


To see the earth from a plane at night

to see the light

the amber light

pulling out its veins sucking the yellow marrow from the salt and exposing it to rotten air evaporation

where the limitless meets the ends

Haunts you

acid steaming from a sleeping volcano

leaves me stirring softly instead of this 

slow evacuation of it all

things beauteous

lets live in the dark